Our couples therapy can help you and your partner to reconnect on a deeper level.  Many of the couples we work with have had their relationship devastated by addiction.  They are experiencing dishonesty, control, anger, hurt, and fear. When a relationship has lost trust it is difficult to find your way back.  Often couples find themselves in an unhealthy loop occurring over and over. We can help you get off this track to repair, rebuild and find your way back.  Many couples we work with find on the other side of this storm they are closer and more intimate than ever before.  

We incorporate couples homework into our therapy.  It is just as much about what you do in our office as outside of it.  We find by incorporating different directives couples have an opportunity to change patterns quicker and make lasting changes in a shorter period of time. If you are contemplating couples therapy we encourage you to give it a chance.  There is hope for a deeper level of love, intimacy and connection. Let us help you find it.