Amy DeGirolamo,

  • The Pennsylvania State University- B.S.
  • Villanova University- M.S. L.P.C.
  • Specializes in Mood Disorder Treatment, Assistance with stressful life changes, Substance Abuse Issues and Trauma Recovery.

Amy DeGirolamo is a therapist who helps individuals and couples work on psychological and
relational issues to find ways to solve them and enrich their lives. Amy works with clients to
develop a plan of action to learn ways to manage and resolve the thoughts, feelings, and
behaviors that are holding them back from having a happy fulfilled life. She will help reframe
thoughts to improve energy, self-esteem, and confidence so clients can be who they want to be.
She has a specialty in trauma, especially related to childhood and attachment issues. Amy is
certified in the technique of EMDR which releases and helps resolve intense feelings such as
fear, anxiety, depression, fear, or shame. She will work in sessions to build confidence and
resilience to result in better energy and a positive outlook to improve daily functioning and
holistic health.
“ Happiness starts with you. Not your relationships, not with your job, not with your money, not
with your circumstances but with the light inside of you-Let it shine positive energy”
Before her private practice work, Amy worked in a variety of settings. She was a Guidance
Counselor for several years before pursuing her clinical license to become a therapist. She has
worked at Jefferson Hospital with the IOP and MICA Programs as a lead group facilitator. She
also has a specialty in treating anxiety, depression, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, social
anxiety, and life-change stressors ( post-partum, separation, divorce, and job loss). She is certified in
EMDR ( eye movement desensitization reprocessing). Amy has worked as a therapist for 15
years and is highly motivated to give her clients the positive reinforcement that is needed to
make life-altering changes and move forward to heal from past emotional pain. She uses CBT
and ACT techniques to ensure that the therapy is effective. Amy works hard to provide the safe
environment needed to do the hard work that is needed to heal the body and mind.