During this difficult time we are happy to offer virtual therapy. Video counseling provides clients with support when we can’t meet face to face.  Our HIPAA compliant and user-friendly virtual therapy software is simple.  We email you a link, you click on it, and BOOM there we are.  Our goal is to help clients thrive during COVID-19 not just survive.  To our existing clients- we are ready to help you sustain the progress you have worked so hard to make.  To our new clients- this time might be showing you or your loved ones, that it is time to seek help.  When we are idle without the daily structure of our lives an increase in anxiety and depression is common. We have tools and strategies to help you overcome these difficulties. 

Connection happens when someone understands what you are going through and you feel heard.  We don’t need to meet in the office to find connection.  Let us help you find your best self. REACH OUT and we will connect through our safe and confidential platform.