COVID-19 And Substance Use Disorders

This conversation with the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse was an interesting read. It provides some expert advice on how to think about substance use disorder treatment and recovery during COVID-19. Addiction can cause individuals to feel isolated, and the actual isolation of social distancing presents an added layer of difficulty. I … Continued

Worried About Alcohol Use During The Pandemic?

Are you worried about your increased drinking during the pandemic? With no shortage of Zoom cocktail hour posts on social media, an increase in drinking is being normalized. For many this will dissipate as we get back to regular life. But for some, their increased drinking will result in a perpetual loss of control. This … Continued

How to Deal with Grief During a Crisis

We all experience various forms of grief & loss throughout our lives, whether we are mourning the death of a loved one, a breakup, grieving the life we once had (or wish we could still have).  While feelings such as denial, anger, bargaining, sadness or acceptance may overtake us, what is important to remind ourselves is what we do with those feelings, … Continued